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About Us

Established in 2019, Stage 9 Secrets is a boutique dedicated to styling artists and performers and is founded by award winning recording artist and lyricist Alexa Ray. Having toured and performed across Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands and the United States, Alexa brings over 10 years of industry knowledge to her boutique. Designer styles and trends, hand picks for artists from Los Angeles, Alexa has the goal of making trends accessible to all. Having personally spent hours shopping online only to receive nightmare products, Alexa set out to create a company that valued both quality and affordability with the artists style in mind.

A Note From Alexa Ray : 

" The industry is tough, not only do you always have to be on point in your craft, you have to brand like one too which includes always looking your very best. Being an artists is hard enough as it is and you shouldn't have to spend hours on wardrobe or break the bank to look like a star. I created Stage 9 Secrets for artists so they could have a place to shop for unique gowns and statement pieces and feel confident that what they see is what they get. Our Focus is strictly to get you looking your best... because lets be honest, when you feel your best that's when you're going to shine your brightest..."

So go ahead, show the world what you've got!