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The arts are an important and vital part of any healthy community. The arts bring joy, helps us express our values and even builds bridges between cultures.  Stage 9 Secrets is dedicated to supporting artists around the world, because when you support an artist you are supporting each community they represent.

Brand Awareness

Through our blog and resource directory, Stage 9 Secrets aims to educate, inspire and empower artists to succeed in their industries. As a guest blogger, featured speaker or directory contact your brand will be engaged across our social platforms and newsletter with an opportunity to grow your message.

What We Offer:

  • Content Features

  • Event Exclusives

  • Brand Exposure

  • Partner Sponsorships


As a partner, we can help you promote your events with exclusive sales and promotions just for your audience. We can also help expand the reach of your brand through mutually beneficial giveaways, sponsorship programs and more. We strive for a win-win-win scenario between us, our partners and our mutual audiences.