Our Roadmap

Being open and transparent are vital traits in order to trust a brand. Our roadmap attempts to offer this by sharing why we do business, how we plan to do that business and what exactly that business will provide you. We hope the result is you, as a potential customer, feel confident that you can trust the products and services we are offering and the steps we're taking to deliver that quality experience.

In sharing where we want to go, how we want to get there and why we are trying to do that, we can enable our connection with you better. You can be invested, not just in the products and services we sell, but in shaping the company we become. By sharing our plans, you as followers to our brand, have the opportunity to:

  • Be informed! On our website blog (coming soon) and through subscribing to our newsletter.
  • Get involved! Contact us and provide your feedback!
  • Guide us so that we ultimately offer the products and services catering to your needs as would-be-customers.
This helps us build the community we are striving for: a support system for artists, by artists.


Below is our roadmap. This is not a guarantee nor is it a "to-do" list we must accomplish. It is a transparent look into what we have as ideas to service you. Every audience we intend to serve benefits from knowing where we're going. This allows them to help drive that direction, to help have a part in what our community ultimately becomes.


    • Brand Awareness - we want to increase our reach and grow our brand, especially on social media presence.

    • Blog Content - we want to offer you more, sharing our secrets of the trade and preparing you to be the best you, in your style.

    • What's New - we want it to be easy for you to find when we add new products and services, especially as we expand across different genres.

    • Expanding Classical Styles - it's no secret that formal gowns and dresses are etiquette for major events and the classical community; we want to expand on our catalogue offering with those focuses in mind.

    • Introducing Pop Styles - pop artists might be the biggest genre that influences styles to the majority; that makes having a tastful style very important for pop artists; we want to help you find that.

    • Commercial Brand Awareness - we are actively working to get our brand out there to help create support channels in your various artists industries; we're doing this through magazines, web articles and TV interviews.

    • Expending Party Dress Styles - sometimes finding the universal dress that works great for casual wear and day to day business is a challenge, particularly when majority of consumer products aren't concerning themselves with artist industry etiquettes; we want to make that easier for you while bringing some formal & informal options to support your style.

    • Increasing Our Active Catalogue Styles - we'll always be looking at new styles and expanding on our collection but the 'now' will always focus on the styles of wear we currently support, to make sure we're offering you a good variety to help you find your look.


    • Custom Jacket Design - we've been working on a partnership to offer unique, one of kind style of jackets that can make a fashion statement for your brand as an artist; we're excited for when we get to launch this line of products.

    • Loyalty Program - you're investing your loyalty with us and we want to return that favour; we're building out what will be our loyalty program, where we want it to be a lifelong benefit for you as long as you're doing business with us, making it easier for artists to maintain their style and look without breaking the bank!

    • Professional Services - we've listened and we know a lot of you want the ability to have a consultation on your own personal style, searching through our private catalogues to find the look just for you; so we're working on bringing that option for the more serious artists that need to keep their brand and styles adaptive as they grow and tour while maintaining a look that is consistent with their brand image.

    • Introducing Bag Accessories - part of a style is also finding the right accessories and bags can be an effective way to express your style in your every day business; they are functional too!

    • Introducing Hair Selections - if you think finding the right look with apparel is difficult, you haven't had to change your hair style multiple times in the same tour or performance; for all our actors, performers and stage artists out there this one is for you - quality products at affordable price so you can change your look every day if you wanted!

    • Indtroducing Scarf Accessories - scarves are a staple to singers and their styles (usually) and introducing this product line here allows us to start thinking about and building catalogue for our male audiences too!


    • Shop The Look - part of making an online shopping experience simple, enjoying and effective is about making the products you're looking for easy to find; with the "Shop The Look" functionality you'll be able to see all the products from a style / look and get them added in your cart to adjust and purchase as you see fit!

    • Site Makeover - real talk time: our site could use a little love and style of it's own and with the plans of offering sponsorships in this timeframe, this is the perfect time to do a makeover.

    • Sponsorship Program - part of building this brand and community is about supporting performers of all kinds and we're serious about that; when we introduce our sponsorship program we'll be looking to engage with serious indie artists to help sponsor them for their big moments - S9S brand endorsed!

    • Designer Custom Wear - in line with building a community we also wanted to create a platform that connects aspiring fashion designers with talent that are looking to build their own custom style.

    • Expanding Stage Makeup - we have our eyes set on getting the dedicated brands that specialize in makeup for stage and acting performances and we want to bring that to you!

    • Support Your Stars - another move to support our indie community, this program looks to build our smaller indie communities and catering to a support system that friends, family and fans can leverage.

    • Introducing Gadgets & Travel Accessories - one of the hardest parts of being an artistic talent of any kind is that you often have to travel for your success; so we're bringing you the pro quality stuff to go!

    • Introducing Mens Wear - its time to show the boys some love and offer a catalogue specific to men's fashion, offering slick, expressive styles and designs that will make you shine like a star: look good, feel good, play good!

    • Introducing Shoes - what is a style without the shoes to go with it?! shoes in their own right can be a style choice and they play a big part in your brand; we'll finally run these on the stage.

    • Expanding Chains & Jewellery - we're eventually going to expand out to offer rap and hip hop styles through our product lines but a key part of being able to start that was bringing shoes and chains on board.

    • Branching Out To More Styles - as we grow we'll continue to look at ways to introduce products that support the variety of star styles out there and so this will always be on our roadmap as a focus for later.