ALexa Ray

JULY 16, 2021

A Quick Guide On How To Match Outfits 

With so many color options out there it can get really overwhelming trying to pull a unique outfit together, especially when you're trying to make a good impression. While some people seemingly have the magic touch of being able to pull colors together without much effort, there's actually more to it than just having a good eye. Even if you don't feel you have that innate gift, the good news is with one simple tool you'll be able to color match like a pro. Using the help of a color wheel i'm going to show you 4 simple techniques that will help you put together fresh, fun and vibrant looks with ease! 

Wait, Whats A Color Wheel? 

A colour wheel is an object with swatches of color that helps to display primary, secondary and tertiary colours as well as how they relate to each other. Individuals that work closely with color in the fashion, art and design industry often use this tool to help develop colour schemes for their projects. While there are lots of ways you can use the wheel, I'm going to show you 4 ways it can be used to select and match colors like a pro when styling an outfit. 

Ways To Match Colors 

1. Use Complimentary Tones 

One technique of color matching is by using a pallet of complimentary colors. On the color wheel these are colors that lie on opposite sides of each other. This type of color pairing often creates a beautiful balance and helps make each individual color look more rich and vibrant. When working with complementary colors it often works best to choose one dominant tone and two softer tone combinations. For example as seen below, an intense salmon paired with a lighter hue and a complimentary blue. 
Style Suggestion: blue dress paired with nude and warm accessories and makeup to really give the outfit a pop.  

2. Analogue Tones 

Another way to choose colors for an outfit are to use Analogue tones. You can do this by matching three or four continuous colors in a row that run along the wheel. This is a styling method gaining much recent popularity as whole outfits put together in this method are both chic and striking. 
Style Suggestion:Sienna gown with burnt orange shoes and yellow tone clutch and accessories. 

3. Triadic Colors 

Another coloring method that can be used when styling an outfit is selecting triadic color combinations. Triadic colors are colors on the wheel that are equally spaced apart that form a triangle across the color wheel. Triadic colors are typically vibrant against one another and sometimes referred to in the fashion world as 'color blocking'. This method can be very bold, vibrant and playful. 
Style Suggestion: Yellow Dress, Blue clutch with hot pink heal and lip. 

4. Monochrome Hues 

While many immediately think of black, white and greys, monochromatic color schemes are actually colors within the same hue of various tones and saturation. Many people gravitate to this method without realizing as the finished look is very 'matchy-matchy' and harmonious. On the color wheel these colors can be found stacked on top of one another within the sections of the color wheel which creates a gradient effect. 

Style Suggestion: Spice up that nude gown with a burnt red heal, salmon pink clutch and a red lip. 
While the methods are simple, they really work! The next time you want to add a splash of color try one or all of the above tips and watch your outfits pop. Which method is your favourite? We'd love to hear which one worked best for you and what tricks you use when choosing outfits in the comments below! 

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