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How To Accessorize Your Holiday Outfit

21 Oct 2022 0 Comments




Doesn’t it always feel like the holidays creep up on us so fast? We always know it’s coming and yet somehow it surprises us every year. For those who like to get ahead of game, end of October and early November is the perfect time to start thinking about your holiday looks for the parties and holiday fun coming in the following weeks.


By: Alexa Ray  NOV 15, 2022

One of the most popular attire choices for the season is sequin. It’s luminous, shimmery texture is a dramatic choice to end off the most celebrated time of year for special occasion, night out, celebration or holiday party.

All eyes will sure to be on you when wearing sequin, but sometimes due to its eye-catching nature it can be hard to accessorize as it is easily over done. To help, we’ve put together a few styling tips on how to accessorize your sequin dress so you feel radiant for your upcoming holiday parties and special occasions.



It’s important to note that the sequin piece you wear should be the focus of the outfit for the evening.  So, when accessorizing it is best to keep it simple and understated as not to compete with the main attraction, your gown. Choosing the right jewellery for your look can make or break your look so remember, less is more! Try to avoid large chunky gemstones that will compete with the sequin’s sparkle and instead choose delicate pieces.

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It’s important to get the jewelry right when accessorizing a sequin look. It’s easy to over do it and too much bling can leave you looking like an over decorated Christmas tree. To avoid this, is important to take note of the structure of the design such as it’s neckline, or if it is a long sleeve dress etc. This will help determine the best pieces to pair with the outfit. 



In my honest opinion I think in most cases a bracelet is unnecessary, especially if you’re design is long sleeved or if you plan on wearing rings. Bracelets are often distracting except when you’ve purposely made your accessories the focus of a look. However, when it comes to accessorizing with sequins, a delicate bracelet can be a great choice if your gown is strapless, a short-sleeve dress or a spaghetti strap design.


I personally love the look of cocktail ring to help finish an outfit. If you’re after a more formal or dramatic look a simple cocktail ring can make a great statement without being over the top. Not much else is needed if you’ve decided on accessorizing with a cocktail ring.


Earrings can be tricky to give advise on as there are so many designs, styles and scenarios where multiple options can work. However as a rule of thumb, if your sequin design is simple, you can most likely get away with bigger more elaborate earrings such as a drop-down or chandelier style earring for a more glamorous look.
If your gown is more elaborate with additional details such as feathers or a pattern, your earrings should contrast the elaborate nature of the design. In this case try paring your look with a delicate metal design such as gold, silver, or a simple diamond stud.


Like earrings, with so many options and styles available it can be overwhelming to choose a necklace to finish your look. The good news? Often if you already have a more elaborate earring design picked out, a necklace is not needed. However, if you do decide to wear a necklace choosing the right one is often dependent on the neckline of the dress. For example, if your neckline is V then a simple drop-down or small pendant can be a perfect option. If the neckline is square or strapless you may want to opt for a choker or a short, simple necklace design.  When pairing a necklace with a sequin evening gown, we suggest a simple metal or a delicate design with small stones. Avoid selecting anything too large that will take away from the design of the gown.

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And lastly, at the end of the day the focus of the outfit should remain on the sequins, so when it doubt go simple or leave the accessories out completely. Often very little accessory is needed at all with a sequin outfit. It may take a bit time in front of the mirror trying new combinations before finding the perfect ensemble, but you’ll know when you find the winning look -the one that makes you feel most confident!

Check out Stage 9 Secrets for a wide selection of sequin dresses for your next special occasion or event. If you need help finding a look, chat with a stylist to help you find your perfect look assist you with any questions via email or chat.

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