Jan 5, 2021

Are you planning to attend prom this year? Or maybe you have a big photo shoot or stage performances planned in the near future? These are all important events that demand a proper amount of time to execute a showstopping look. Thanks to globalization and rush delivery options, in recent years shoppers have had the luxury of being able to pull something together in a hurry and look amazing. However, It's important to note that new challenges are predicted to arise in 2022 thanks to the global impact of the pandemic that will effect both production and availability in the coming months. So if you have major events planned this year, you'll want to make sure to get the timing right. But have no fear, we're here to offer some guidance on when to start shopping and ordering your special event dresses.

How important is the event?
The more important the event, the more planning involved. There's a reason why brides are advised to start shopping for their wedding gowns a full year in advance. Now, I'm not saying you need to allocate a year for every event, but leaving your wardrobe choice to the last minute will add unnecessary stress, and the last thing we want on our event day is stress pimples! By planning ahead you avoid missing out on your dream dress, potential delays with shipping, and can allocate the right amount of time for unhurried alterations. 

What you should account for:
While you could always look for last minute deals a week out from your event or rely on express shipping options, this usually ends badly and does not leave room for any unaccounted obstacles. Executing a red carpet look typically takes a team of professionals, so if you are wanting to achieve this result yourself you'll need time to shop for the perfect look. Things to allocate time for are; finding your perfect dress, tailoring your gown, finding the right undergarments, and styling any finishing touches such as jewelry or shoe choice. 

A good tailor can typically finish simple alterations within a week. However, if you know your event is at a peak time of year such as prom season or Christmas, it's wise to give yourself and your seamstress an extra week or two to ensure the job can get finished properly and unhurried. 

So how much time should you account for?
In the uncertain times we are in while the industry continues to see production delays, we suggest to start shopping and looking at designs three to four months in advance in case you need to order a style that isn't in stock. If you are looking at designer dress gowns, often these styles are made to order which may take up to 4-6 weeks. 

Depending on where you are located, prom season happens from March to June, so if you were wanting to give yourself an unhurried amount of time, this would mean starting to look for your special dress in December or January. This will give yourself the best opportunity to shop the hottest styles, designs and find the perfect gown for your special event!

Below we've created an easy to follow chart to ensure you don't miss important ordering dates!

The right prom dress should make you feel confident and sexy and the experience should be an exciting one. I goes without saying you’ll want to look your best on your big day which is why shopping in advance will help you avoid unnecessary stress and hassle .

There are literally thousands of designer dresses and styles to choose from, so if you have an important event coming get inspiration for performance gowns, photo shoot dresses or prom looks on our Instagram feed or browse our selections on our website

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