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How To Choose The Perfect Evening Dress Silhouette For Your Body Type


Oct 6, 2021

Before ordering your evening gown, it’s a good idea to know your general measurements including height, bust size, and shoulder frame. Understanding your body type can help you narrow down your dress search, and choosing silhouettes that play up your most flattering features.

In today’s post, we’re highlighting five of our most popular silhouettes which are A-line, fitted, ball gown, mermaid, and sheath. Combine tips and recommendations from each category to find the perfect evening dress for your body type—whatever your unique features, personal aesthetic, and style. Keep scrolling!


A-Line gowns are a crowd-favorite and for good reason, because they are universally flattering to nearly all body types! Dresses like our Full-length Satin Angelica Gown and Floor Length Glitter Pamina Gowns are fitted until you get to the waist, where the dress flares out to the beloved A-shape. This silhouette hugs you in the right places to give you a slimmer waist and flattering bust.


Sophisticated and incredibly chic is how we would describe a fitted dress. This undoubtedly sexy silhouette is tailor-made to flatter. Dresses like our Off Shoulder Black Feather Gown and Asymmetrical Sequin Party Dress Plus Size will fit like a glove for both slender and hourglass body types who want to show off their curves in all the right places.

Ball Gown 

We love a classic ball gown. It makes you feel like a princess and is perfect for formal black-tie events. These dresses are known for having all the drama and volume.  The silhouette of the Bridgerton Inspired Sage Tulle Ball Gown and the Paris Blue Lace Embroidered Ball Gown is perfect if you have slim hips and a fuller bust because the voluminous skirts balance the fitted tops of the dresses. For an occasion of significance and grandeur, only an extravagant dress will do!


If you’re looking to flatter and accentuate your curves then you should definitely look into mermaid dresses! This silhouette of gowns like our Off The Shoulder Metallic Mermaid Gown and Classic Cap Sleeve Jersey Dress are perfect for hourglass body types. These dresses  contour the body to about the knee and flare out to give the appearance similar to a mermaid tail. This style is both daring and alluring, as its known to emphasize your waist and hips as opposed to slimming them.


A sheath gown is a straight-cut dress that boasts a snug fit and beautifully contours the entire body. If you have a petite build, our Copper Floral Sequin Long Sleeve Gown will help create an elongated look to appear taller. If you are tall and slender, the Hollywood Glam Gown will add gorgeous definition to your height.  This is a great modern choice for someone attending an evening gala or evening celebration.

At the end of the day, when choosing a dress for yourself, go for what makes you feel comfortable and confident for your event so you can focus on being present and feeling beautiful. For more fashion advice, browse more of our shopping resources on the blog. Then visit the shop to find your perfect evening gown for your beautiful body type!

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