APR 8, 2022

After choosing the dress of your dreams it's important not to overlook the next steps in preparing it for wear on your big day. After all, it's very rare that a gown will fit perfectly strait off the rack. Additional things to consider after your big purchase are where and how you're going to store the gown when it's not in use. To help you get ready for your special event we've put together 5 tips on how to prepare and store your gown before your big day.

Initial Try On

This step is particularly important if you've just purchased your dress online - try it on! Very rarely does a gown perfectly fit off the rack so don't be disappointed if the straps are too loose or the hem is too long, this is actually to be expected and a good sign. Going a size up will allow for a seamstress to take in the dress perfectly to fit your body shape. If a dress is too small however, it is very rare that it can be let out which is why it is always suggested to go larger then smaller when shopping online. You'll also want to go over all the details of the design, making sure any rhinestones or sequins are all in place and as it should be.

Pro Tip: At this stage you'll want to select what shoe you intend to wear. This will be important for the next step

Getting The Perfect Fit

Now that you've tried on the dress and see areas you want taken in, it's time to take it to your local seamstress- and Don't forget to bring the shoes you're intending to wear! It's important to know what shoes you intend to wear before making any hem in the dress, as depending on the height of the shoe this may change how long or short you want to have your dress hemmed. A seamstress will also help you alter the strap length and any additional modifications such as taking in the waist if you're after a more fitted look.

Pro Tip: During a busy season a seamstress may need two or even three weeks depending on how much work needs to be done to the dress, so be sure to allot for this amount of time before your event day.

Preparing Your Dress For Storage

Now that your dress is perfectly fitted to you it's time to think about how you're going to store it. For heavier gown designs that use beaded or sequin fabrics you may want to consider laying it flat. This will avoid the straps and bodice stretching out while being stored. By laying it flat, this ensures it says in perfect condition until wear. Lighter materials such as tulle, chiffon and satin gowns can be hung. At this stage you'll also want to gently steam any wrinkles or unwanted creases right away to ensure they don't become permanent.

Pro Tip: (do not do this if your gown has any beaded or sequin details) For satin gowns, steam the gown inside out. This will protect the outside fabric from getting any snags and help keep it in perfect condition before use.

Where To Store Your Dress

Once your dress has been perfectly altered and ready to put away, you'll need a safe place to store the gown before and after the event. Gowns should ideally be stored in a cloth garment bag. Avoid storing your gown in damp places such as a basement or areas with strong smells. Fabrics are like a sponge, and will absorb both moisture and smells. This means if you are storing your gown for long periods of time in a musty area it will begin to smell like the shoes in that basement closet. Instead, keep it in a moisture/temperature controlled area where no alien odors can get to it.

Pro Tip: If you don't have an area such as this, consider purchasing both humidity as well as odor control packets to throw in the bottom of your gowns garment bag. Make sure your garment bag is cloth and not plastic so it can breathe.

The Day Of

Finally your big day has arrived and you're buzzing with excitement. Because of all the preparation you've done prior to this day all that's needed is a light steaming and you're good to go! ( Do not steam if your gown is sequin )

Pro Tip: Be sure your hair and makeup is done first BEFORE putting on your gown. Often this is why a kimono or our Diva Robe is suggested to get ready in; easy to get in and out of as you get ready, and will avoid power residue or drops of concealer getting on your gown.

We hope you find these five tips helpful as you get ready for your special event can't wait to see each of our divas dressed to the nines.  Let us know which of these tips were the most helpful by commenting below!
For additional tips on after care, check out our blog on How To Wash And Clean Your Formal Evening Gown after wear. 

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