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Cinderella Divine

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Designer's Notes

This stunning gown features a classic A-line silhouette with v-neck and a floor length skirt. Embellished with gold-like leafing and vine details on the bodice and chiffon over skirt makes this dress an eye catching masterpiece perfect for prom, wedding, gala or performance. includes a zipper closure. 

Shipping & Fees

Our shipping costs are based by weight of the order and country of destination.  Below is an estimate of our shipping rates for this product:

Order Weight

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*Please note additional import fees may be applicable*.
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Return Policy

We want every one to have a great shopping experience with us. Part of that means stocking the right products for demand while also having flexibility to service some of our fringe customers (petite sizing / plus sizing). In order to service all customers fairly, we only offer full refund returns on damaged products or incorrectly sent products (our error).

We are unable to offer returns on incorrect sizing orders that were due to customer error. Our products are designed & sized graciously in order to support custom tailoring to you post purchase at your local tailor. If you are unsure of your size please contact us before placing an order. Our full return policy can be found HERE.

In the event there are any issues with your order, including the listed issues above, please reach out to us and we'll be happy to see what we can do to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are we located?

We are proudly a Canadian owned company that operates strictly online. Our gowns specifically are by designers based in Los Angeles, California in the US, where our products also ship from our distribution center.

What sizes do you carry?

We strive to cater to a variety of individuals. Most of our product sizes range from US 02-18 however some of our products come larger. If you do not see your size please don't hesitate to reach out to see how we can help you.

Do you ship to my location?

Currently we are shipping across United States, Canada, United Kingdom and countries part of the European Union. Shipping rates are listed on every product page. Please note international shipments may incur import fees.

Are these knockoffs?

Not at all, each gown product we sell is the real deal! Our gowns are made by reputable brands and designers across the United States and Canada. The vendor advertised is the company / designer fabricating the dress. We specifically built personal relationships with our suppliers, in order to quality control check the authenticity of the gowns we sell.

Why are your prices so low?

One of our competitive advantages is that we are strictly an online store. This benefits us because we do not have the same overhead costs as a typical brick and mortar store would have. Those costs generally get transferred into product price for the customer to foot the bill. For us however, we are able to offer quality gowns at more affordable prices to you!

Our goal is to support a network of artists of any kind and help them look professional while building their brand. That wouldn't be feasible if our products were out of reach price wise, and in some cases still are for a lot of starving artists out there. We hope we can change that in the future.

Quality Guaranteed!

At Stage 9 Secrets we believe that by offering quality products, not only will this make our customers happier but our products will last longer thus helping to limit our environmental footprint. We've met our designers and looked over the gowns in person to ensure the best quality possible at affordable prices.

  • Designer Gowns

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  • Customer Satisfaction

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