NOV 15, 2021

As guests and attendees, deciding what to wear can be difficult enough, but when it comes to what to wear as a performer or artist working an event, you might feel completely stumped on what to wear for the stage.

Many retailers have attire curated for guests of galas, parties, and weddings but nothing that is particularly catered towards the performer or artist. We understand that dressing for the stage and styling artists is a very different beast. A
t Stage 9 Secrets, we are a fashion boutique with the creator and performer top of mind with a unique aim to celebrate one's personality through fashion. 

When it comes to branding 101 for building artist identity, there are not many “rules”, however you do want to stay consistent with your artist brand and style when you attend and perform at any event, wedding, or party. To help you narrow down your evening attire choices, here are five key questions you need to ask yourself before purchasing a dress:

1. What is the dress code?

Prior to making any big decisions, make it a priority to find out the guest dress code. You don’t want to show up under or overdressed! As an artist it is important to stay true to your brand but professional at all times. If it’s an evening cocktail party, a short (yet still appropriate) dress like the Portia & Scarlett V Cocktail Dress would look dazzling on stage. Attending a charity gala? Opt for a floor-length gown like this One Shoulder Sequin Gown that will have you dressed to the nines!

2. Does the event have a theme or color palette?

When selecting event attire, considering the theme and color palette is a fun way to help decide what you need to be looking for. For an event like such as Christmas or Holiday party this Silver Crystal Audette gown is sure to grab the attention of everyone in the room. Or, If the event theme is “Moulin Rouge,” this Off The Shoulder Black Feather Dress is the perfect little black dress with a fun twist - feathers and sparkle!


3. Will you be frequently moving around the stage or venue?

Are you dancing or frequently moving around the stage or venue? You will likely want to steer in the direction of a dress that is both long and has movement. Similar to considering if the dress has movement, you also want to make sure you feel comfortable in the dress. For instance, if you’re a singer, you want to make sure you select a dress with a slight stretch or where the top still allows you to have breath control, like this Asymmetcial Sequin Dress. Or, opt for a dress with a leg slit or high low hem so you have more freedom to move such as our Ulta Violet Sequin Print Dress

4. Where Are You Performing?

Its important to consider dressing to the room. Knowing the venue and space you are performing will ensure you stand out; after all, you ARE the show! If you are performing a big theatre or an event with a very large attendee list it is important to stay away from wearing very dark colors such as black. Often times large stages are black and selecting a dark color may mean you will be hard to see by members of the audience who are at a distance. Instead, select a vibrant pallet that will allow you to be seen from the back of the room, maybe a sparkle or two like our Veruka Gown.
Alternatively, If your venue is either a traditional concert hall, a small intimate setting, or a bright, well lit stage, a less loud or a darker color would then be a dramatic contrast such as our Burgundy Adelle inspired Sequin Dress.


5. Time of day

Did you know there's an old etiquette that suggests the time of day indicates the length of a hem? When in doubt you can lean on this fun fact that suggests the earlier in the day, the shorter the hem. For example, if your event is in the morning or early afternoon a knee length dress would be appropriate such as our Feather Hem Cocktail Dress. For late afternoon or early evening you can choose a tea length dress such as our Rose Gold Sequin Tea Dress. And for a formal evening event, a full length dress is always appropriate.

At the end of the day, the perfect formal or evening dress for you is the one that you feel the most confident and beautiful in. Each artist and performer has a unique style and taste which is an artists superpower. No matter what, its important to choose a dress that celebrates your unique personality, brand and style, so feel free to explore more of our evening dresses to find the perfect dress for your next special occasion.

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