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Lights. Camera. Action:

How To Look Your Best On Camera

Photo Credits - Wesley Tingey @wesleyphotography

Its crazy to think how much has changed over the last year, especially within the entertainment industry. Thanks to on and off lock downs much of what we do is now being pushed online. Its clear live streaming is becoming more essential to stay relevant and engage our audience as performers.

When you're doing video captures, live or recordings, good lighting is necessary - but everyone knows that. In addition to good lighting however, knowing what to wear is also important to lookyour best on camera.  Remembering these four words: Colour, Contour, Solids, Lashes; will ensure you'll always look your absolute best eachand every time.  Whether you're jumping on a zoom call or doing an onlineperformance, taking care of every little detail goes a long way. Here's our guide on those 4 key details to spice up your look on camera:


Avoid Black or White. Although black is a go to for many of us in our day to day, on camera it can pose an issue. A little bit here and there is fine, but because monitors need colour calibration and video streaming at low resolutions can play a factor in a loss of definition, the colour black affects how someone looks on digital means. On the opposite side of the spectrum, white often blows out easily, making the image lack depth and look reflective. Black and white choices will results in your shape being lost on camera, which will negatively impact your features and why we advise you to use these as a last resort choice.

So what should you wear?

Neutral tones won't blow out or lose definition as they represent well on camera and are a safe choice. Warm colours such as oranges, yellows and pinks will help enhance your skin tone and blues will help you pop on camera, as shown in our example product below. So don't be afraid to wear colour!


Although in person a patterned outfit may look adorable, on camera its easy for patterns to become too busy. When moving around these patterns can quickly become distracting for your audience while performing. Stick to solids but if you need something interesting, find attire with texture and structure instead. These often translate the best on camera giving you a solid look without being too distracting.  You can check an example of what we mean by texture with the short sleeve couture dress shown above.


Moving on from what you wear in attire, your choices on makeup and cosmetic products will determine how much definition you show in your face - andtrust us, you want definition. Just like stage makeup, don't be afraid to apply your makeup a little heavier than your normal 9-5. Especially if you have a special lighting set up as bright lights will wash out the colour and shape of your face. Contouring and highlighting will help add structure back and sharpen your features when you hit the spotlight. That's why contouring is an important process when getting camera ready. As an artist, my contour palette and brow pen are an essential part of my arsenal. So don't be shy: define your cheeks, nose and those eyebrows!

Photo Credits - Kelly Sikkema @kellysikkema

And Lash But Not Least...

I can't tell you how many times I have shot a video for social media, looked back and realized my eyes looked SO small because I didn't put on lashes that day. Lashes make a huge difference as they help to give your eyes more definition and shape for the camera. Without them your eyes will look small, no matter how much mascara you use.

Because I go on camera so often my first choice is actually disposable, no-name lashes as they are a more cost effective option over high end lashes. High end lashes can be expensive, but they are worth the cost for up close photo shoots and in person events. The quality of the equipment you're using to capture your performance when streaming will determine the value of lashes you wear. My personal favourite are heavier lashes that fan out as they give more definition and drama!


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